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What devices does Maglus work on?

Maglus functions as a high quality premium stylus on any capacitive touchscreen device. This would include devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. Devices include iPad, iPad Mini, Google Nexus range, Samsung Tab range, Kindle Fire range as well as any other capacitive touchscreen devices.

Maglus functions magnetically with iPad 2,3,4, iPad Mini, Smart cover and smart case.

How do I maintain my Maglus?

Maglus is a premium stylus device for use with capacitive touchscreen devices.

The best materials and process have gone into building each stylus. We have worked very hard to strike a balance between the Maglus being the most sensitive stylus it can be and durability. To help ensure long life of your Maglus here are some hints.

Avoid excessive pressure on the tip of the stylus. Maglus requires little or no pressure to register input on your screen. Avoid squeezing or pressing the tip. This will increase the life of the tip component.

Store your Maglus somewhere that it will not be at risk of falling or being dropped. This will help prevent accidental damage to your Maglus.

Clean your Maglus with a damp soft cloth. Avoid excessive scrubbing of the tip component.

Wear and tear is to be expected, as with all consumer products but taking care your Maglus will ensure a long service life.



Shipping and Handling

What is the cost of shipping for Maglus?

Shipping costs start at approx $5.50 USA/ €6.00 international and varies depending on your shipping location and order size. Shipping is calculated during checkout and we will offer you the best live price for your shipping option. You have the choice to choose your preferred shipping method before continuing through the check out. For larger orders please email us at hello@applydea.com

Where does my order ship from?

We ship orders from the UK and US.
Our UK warehouse fulfils most international orders.
Our US warehouse located in Philadelphia, fulfils all domestic US orders. 

How long does shipping take?

Using multiple warehouses we can offer customers the best shipping option for their location.
we can offer shipping options from carriers such as UPS, USPS,Fedex,Royal Mail, Parcel Force etc. 
With delivery time tables such as Ground, 2Day, Over Night etc.
When your order has been submitted to one of our warehouses you will be given an approximate time of delivery.  

When will my order ship?

When you place an order we will immediately begin processing it.
Your order will be sent to the warehouse closest to your location for fulfilment, we send orders to our warehouse multiple times a day.
We aim to fulfil your order within 24-48 hours from the time of you placing the order.

Will I know if my order has shipped?

Yes, We will email you throughout the process updating you with the status of your order.
You will receive an email when your order has been submitted to the warehouse ,when it has been collected, and when your tracking number becomes available if it applies to your chosen shipping method. 

 Other questions

 For any other questions or queries please contact us at hello@applydea.com