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About Us

Applydea is the name of the company formed by Andy Shaw and Noel Joyce. We are based in Co. Offaly in Ireland and are working in office space shared with several other designers. We are product designers with a passion for problem solving. We look at problems come up with a solution or idea to solve the problem and then apply the idea hence Applydea.

Noel and Andys interests include new technology and new product development. They have worked on projects with clients and their own personal projects some of which were successful in prestigious awards such as The James Dyson Award. They are also very active in the promotion of innovation and design as tools for economic development.

The passion we have for design extends beyond our workday as we are constantly coming up with solutions for everyday problems. We see potential problems as opportunities to make things better.

If people want to contact us with their own ideas we work freelance on those as well and are more than happy to help develop exciting new products from concept to completion.

Maglus is our first product we have launched as a company, we hope you like it!

Watch this space for other new ideas coming soon!

Andy and Noel