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Whats Happening at Applydea?

Posted on November 01, 2013 by Andy Shaw | 0 Comments

Dear customer,

Noel and Andy here from Applydea. It has been a month since our last blog post/open letter. We did not think we would have to post a second one, but many of you have not yet received your order, so we feel an explanation is required.

The first thing to say is that contrary to some of your enquiries, we are definitely still trading, although we understand that the length of this delay may prompt such questions.

The second thing to say is that the remaining orders will be fulfilled very soon. More about that in a moment.

And the third thing we must state (very clearly), is that if any of you who have not yet received your order wish to cancel your order for a full refund, this is of course entirely understandable and will be done.
Please do the following to cancel and be refunded .... contact returns@applydea.com and don't forget to include your order number, name, or email used during checkout.

The first 1,000 backlogged orders have been fulfilled. These are the first 1,000 units of the revised Maglus to come off the production line. We obviously had them expedited to our warehouses in the UK and US instead of waiting for the entire batch to be completed.

Unfortunately we have more backlogged orders than that (people have not stopped buying them), leaving many of you yet to receive the Maglus. We are now technically out of stock again, but the other 9,000 units are tantalisingly close. It has been a long wait, and please trust us when we say it has been even more agonising for us than you could imagine.

We can say with certainty that 90% of the backlog will be fulfilled by the end of next week (Friday 8th of November). The last 10% (who have ordered within the past week) will be fulfilled by the following Friday15th of November.

We are obviously extremely apologetic about all of this, but we understand if apologies are not enough some of you. Again, we will of course refund anyone who has not received their Maglus yet and wishes to cancel their order.

We have enlisted help to clear the pile of emails that have built up. Lack of communication is not deliberate on our part. We were simply unable to deal with the volume of emails we are receiving on a daily basis.

Most of you have left us completely dumbfounded by your patience and good will. We have to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this. Applydea would not still be here otherwise.

Kind regards,

Andy and Noel

Explaining Our Current Situation.

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Andy Shaw | 1 Comment

Dear valued customer,

Noel and Andy from Applydea here.

We are contacting you to bring you up to speed on developments in Applydea, and to let you know what is happening with your order.

We have experienced great highs and lows over the past year-and-a-half.

We have grown our little stylus company organically, making plenty of mistakes along the way as we navigated the steep learning curve.

After struggling to sell our stylus at the very beginning, you guys tweeted, talked about, and generally promoted our product for us, and our product gradually gained traction as a result.

But we regard our current inability to fulfill our orders as an unfortunate low-point, and one that is unacceptable by any standards, ours included. We also feel that in some cases we have failed to effectively communicate the situation to our customers, which is why we want to address this failure, and give you all a picture of what is happening right now.

Recent delays

A number of weeks ago we ran out of keyrings/spare tips in our UK facility.

There were a certain amount of orders that we could not fulfill from the UK because of this shortage. We immediately sent keyrings/spare tips from our US warehouse to the UK.

We were aware at that time that we were running low on stock (actual Maglus) and had at that point already ordered the next batch of stock. Running low (and eventually out) of stock was never intentional, and although we take full responsibility for this, certain factors contributed to turn this into a bigger problem than it should never have been.

One such factor was our decision to revise the Maglus for this order. We have carefully listened to customer feedback over the past year, and have made some (small but important) changes to the Maglus to reflect this feedback.

Some of the changes are as follow: redesigned rubber grips; new keyring, and new packaging.This new box greatly helps us to move into some higher volume sales channels (which we are planning to do in the near future).

The clear anodized aluminium body is unchanged, except for where the new grips are inserted. There is also another small keepsake in the package which is designed to make your Maglus more useful with other touchscreen devices.

Both of us have always recognized that looking after our customers should always be our highest priority. So we once again want to sincerely apologize for the delay which you have been enduring. We really do appreciate the patience you have shown us. We find it humbling that during this delay most of you have been so kind in understanding our situation.

We will begin shipping again on October 8th. We hope to have the entire backlog of orders cleared by Friday October 11th. The Maglus you will receive will contain the changes made above.

We hope that this email explains our current situation, and we hope that you guys are able to hold on just a little while longer. But if any of you lose patience with us, you are of course entitled to cancel your order for a full refund any time before the order ships.

We will try to answer any questions you might have as quickly as possible, but please understand that we are a very small team and are currently doing our best to reply to every email as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Andy and Noel



Delayed shipping

Posted on September 02, 2013 by Noel Joyce | 4 Comments

Hi Noel and Andy here from Applydea


We are just reaching out to all our valued customers to let you know that we will have a delay on all new orders of approx 2-3 weeks due to a recent large influx of orders on our site. Its a positive problem but was totally unexpected!  To everyone who has ordered we apologise for any inconvenience this might cause and are grateful for your patience while we work through the backlog. Thanks to all you guys for your continued support and we look forward to getting your Maglus into your hands. We will update with timings as and when they change.

Noel and Andy

Braintree = More Choice

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Andy Shaw | 0 Comments

Its been a couple of weeks since we updated our blog. We have been very busy making some changes to our Shopify store. We have been working at introducing an alternative to PayPal and are proud to announce that we have partnered with Braintree to be able to provide a credit card option for our customers. We have also spent some time looking at how we can offer better value to you our valued customers. Whether you are a new or returning customer we now offer free shipping on orders over €35/$45. As we are now ground shipping in the US we are now much more efficient at getting Maglus into peoples hands and we are also looking at more warehouse options worldwide to get Maglus to our customers in those further to reach places.
We have been getting lots of requests for Maglus from Amazon customers. Customers will not find Maglus on Amazon yet but we hope to get it onto their systems in the next while. We will let you know when this happens.
Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for some cool image work we have received from customers who use Maglus and other updates in the future.

Thanks for reading

Noel and Andy


Posted on April 25, 2013 by Andy Shaw | 0 Comments

Here at Applydea we are fond of checking out new apps to use with our tablet computers and Maglus. Lately we have been using a great app called repix which is available now on the Apple app store. Remixing your photos is fun and easy with this cool app and getting to grips with it is a doddle. 

Before Repix

After Repix, very arty!

With over 3 million downloads so far the guys over at repix have been busy bringing new features on board to give the app that little bit extra!

Check out Repix here


Until later thanks for reading.

Andy and Noel


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